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Our Glass Product Brand: Lanjing

Welcome to Lanjing, your choice of high-quality glass!

Lanjing is a brand that focuses on high-quality glass products. We are committed to providing customers with exquisite and practical glass products to meet diverse needs and unique tastes.

Our products cover multiple fields, including medical appliances, dining utensils, decorations, etc. Whether you are enjoying delicious food at home, creating a warm home environment, seeking unique gifts to express your feelings, or having a need for laboratory equipment in the medical and chemical fields, Lanjing can provide you with the perfect choice.

Our glass products not only focus on the exquisite and practical appearance design, but also on the selection of materials and the exquisite manufacturing process. Every product undergoes strict quality control to ensure compliance with the highest standards, ensuring that you can use it with confidence.

Whether in daily life or special occasions, choosing Lanjing will give you an unparalleled quality experience and enjoy the wonderful moments brought by glass products.

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Our Manufacturing and Production Capacity

The Lanjing brand has irreplaceable core capabilities in glass manufacturing and production. Our continuous pursuit is to improve and perfect our production and manufacturing capabilities, meet customer needs, and maintain our brand’s competitive advantage.

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  • Excellent Quality: Lanjing’s glass products are renowned for their excellent quality, Selecting high-quality glass rawmaterials, adopting advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control testing processes, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards.Whether it’s transparency, uniformity, or durability, our products can satisfy you.
  • Diversified Choices: Lanjing offers a diverse range of glass products, covering multiple fields such as medicine, catering, and decoration. Whether at home or in business settings, you can find products that meet your needs. We constantly innovate, keep up with the times, and meet the ever-changing needs and tastes of our customers.
  • Customer First: Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. We humbly listen to the reasonable opinions and suggestions of our customers, constantly improving and optimizing our products and services. No matter if you have any questions or needs, our professional team will be dedicated to serving you and ensuring a pleasant and smooth shopping experience.
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Registered trademark: Lanjing

Partial Product Classification and Cases

Lanjing Glass Product Brand is committed to providing customers with a diverse range of high-quality glass product.Our product categories cover muliple felds andare sufhcient to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.

straight jars

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a common type of glass tube container widely used in packaging for industries such as food, health products, and cosmetics.These packages are usually made of high-qualityglass materials.which have excellent
transparency durability, and chemical stability

pp screw caps

Caps & Closures

Caps & closures are a common packaging accessory used to seal various types of containers, such as bottles, cans and tubes. These products are made of materials such as plastic, metal, resin, rubber etc., with different shapes, sizes, and functions to meet the needs of different containers and applications.

Assembly Machine

Product Machine

Our assembly machine, filling machine, and labeling machine are used for the production and processing of various products. These machines typically have different product types and production requirements, with different functions and working principles. They can be used on automated production lines or in manually operated production processes.

glass vials

Glass Vials

Glass vials are common glass containers used for storing and distributing liquids or powdered substances.These small and sturdy containers have a wide range of applications in felds such as cosmetics, laboratory industry, and more.

wine in tube

Glass Tubes

Glass tubes are a common type of glass tube shaped container with a circular cross-section used in various applications. Usually has high transparency. Excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance, widely used in medical, chemical, laboratory and other fields.

dropper bottles

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are a common type of glass container with a wide range of applications including industries such as food, medicine, and beauty. These industries are typically made of high-quality glass materials with characteristics such as high transparency, chemical stability, and


Wine in tube is an innovative form of wine packaging and also an ideal choice for modern life. This new packaging form not only makes wine easier to carry and store, but also helps to extend the shelf life of wine.

The wine tube packaging produced by Lanjing is manufactured using precision technology, which has good sealing and preservation properties, effectively protecting the quality and taste of the wine.

In addition, bottled wine can also help reduce negative environmental impacts. Due to the use of lightweight packaging materials and space saving design, the carbon emissions and packaging waste generated during transportation and spring release of bottled wine are greatly reduced, in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Full Capacity in Our factory Manufacturing Plant

Maximizing Production Efficiency

  • Optimal operating state
  • Process optimization and simplification
  • Fully utilize production capacity
  • Maximizing the reduction of production costs

Realize High-yield Production

  • Production indicators have reached their peak
  • Satisfy a large number of order demands
  • Timely delivery
  • Maintain market competitiveness

Maintain High Quality Standards

  • Strictly follow quality control standards and processes
  • The product meets the specified quality standards
  • Maintain strict monitoring and management of product quality

After-Sales Service

Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product.

Product Warranty: If there are quality problems or malfunctions with the product during the warranty period, customers can receive free repair or replacement services to protect their rights.

Technical Support: Provide technical support to help customers solve technical problems or troubles during product use, including telephone consultation, online consultation, and other methods.

Accessories and Repair Services: If customers need to replace parts or perform component repairs, Lanjing will also provide corresponding accessories and repair services to ensure the normal operation of the product.

Complaint Handling: If customers have any complaints or reasonable suggestions about products or services, Lanjing’s service team will actively listen and handle them in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

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wine in tube

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