Top 10 Influential Companies in Wine Tube Manufacturing

In this blog post, we will delve into the key players in the global wine tube manufacturing industry, revealing their history, expertise, product range, as well as innovation and contributions in wine tube manufacturing.
Through in-depth understanding of strong industry influencers, one will gain a comprehensive understanding of the global wine management market and effective insights into the future development trends of the industry.

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The global wine tube manufacturing industry plays an important role in promoting the development of the wine industry, enhancing brand image, and promoting sustainable development, and has an undeniable influence on the entire wine industry chain.

  • Provide Innovative Packaging Solutions

    As a relatively new way of packaging for alcoholic beverages, wine tubes provide new packaging options for alcohol producers. It can not only provide a unique customized appearance for brands, attract consumers, but also more conveniently and economically solve the problem of wine bottling.

  • Promoting Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Compared to traditional wine bottles, although the materials used in taverns are also made of high-quality glass as the main material, they are easier to recycle and reuse. Therefore, it is also more conducive to reducing the waste of packaging materials and environmental pollution, in line with the requirements of sustainable development in various aspects of today’s society.

  • Enhance Brand Image and Market Competitiveness

High quality wine tubes can not only protect the quality of wine like traditional bottle packaging, but also capture the attention of consumers through unique design and packaging. Therefore, the development of the liquor tube manufacturing industry directly affects the market position and competitiveness of liquor brands.

  • Promoting the Development of the Global Wine Industry

The emergence and popularization of pubs have injected new vitality into the global alcohol industry. Providing more flexible and innovative packaging options for alcohol producers, meeting the needs of different consumer groups, and promoting the diversification and rapid development of the alcohol industry market.

  • Enhance Consumer Experience and Convenience

Compared to traditional bottle packaging methods, wine bottles are more lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for use in various occasions. In addition, many wine tubes adopt a one-time sealing design, which is more convenient for consumers to use, to some extent reducing health and safety issues related to alcohol, and improving the quality and convenience of consumer use.

1. VinolokBOTTLES

Vinolok is a leading wine bottle sealing solution provider based in the Czech Republic, with a history dating back to 2002. Vinolok is committed to providing high-quality glass sealing products and is also involved in wine tube production. The company is renowned for its innovative design, excellent quality, and personalized service, becoming one of the main participants in the global wine management market.

Vinolok’s wine tube products are widely recognized for their unique appearance and high-quality materials.

Exquisite Design: Vinolok’s wine pipes adopt various innovative designs, ranging from simple and fashionable to complex and exquisite, covering various styles and meeting the needs of users.

High Quality Glass Raw Materials: Vinolok focuses on product quality and uses high-quality glass raw materials to produce bottled wine. It has no impact on the aroma and taste of the wine, is completely recyclable, and ensures excellent durability and transparency of the product.

Customized Services: Vinolok provides customized services, allowing you to choose options that meet your customization needs based on production conditions or customer needs. You can customize wine pipes of different sizes, shapes, and colors to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Vinolok holds an important position and influence in the global wine management market with its excellent product quality, innovative design, and personalized service. Its products are widely used in various wine and liquor brands, and are favored by consumers and brand merchants. The emergence and development of Vinolok have injected new vitality into the wine industry, promoting the popularization and development of wine tube packaging in the market.

2. Saverglass

Saverglass is a glass container manufacturer headquartered in France, founded in 1897. The company is always committed to providing high-quality glass container solutions for high-end wines and spirits. After nearly a century of development, Saverglass has become one of the world’s leading glass container suppliers, with advanced production technology and excellent product quality. The company has production bases in France, the United States, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia, and its products are exported to various parts of the world.

The Saverglass series glass packaging products have a wide range of supply in the market, featuring innovative shapes and techniques, unique color choices, original contours, and perfectly controlled bases. They are suitable for different types of wine and spirits, helping users achieve brand goals, stimulate imagination, and create brand image.

The company is renowned for its exquisite wine tube product line and diverse design styles. Savarglass’s design team often collaborates with wine brands around the world to provide customers with personalized wine tube design solutions, ranging from simple and fashionable to luxurious, meeting the needs of different consumer brands.

Saverglass holds an important position in the global wine tube market with its excellent product quality, innovative design, and global production base. The company has a solid customer base and a wide range of market channels, and its products are sold to major wine producing regions and consumer markets worldwide. Saverglass is recognized as one of the top manufacturers in the wine pipe industry, and its product quality and design style have earned it a good reputation and market position.

3. Bormioli Rocco

Bormioli Rocco is a renowned glass product manufacturer originating from Italy, with a history dating back to 1825. The company is renowned for providing high-quality and innovatively designed glass containers, including wine bottles, glasses, and tubes. Bormioli Rocco has a wide range of market channels and customer base worldwide, and its products are sold to wine producing regions and consumer markets around the world.

As a glass manufacturer with a long history, Bormioli Rocco has been committed to providing customers with high-quality glass container solutions and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Bormioli Rocco’s wine tube product portfolio covers various shapes, sizes, and design styles, meeting the packaging needs of different types of wines and spirits. The raw materials for the product are opal glass and lead-free crystal glass;

Opal Glass:Opal glass is completely hygienic, with no pores on the surface, so it does not absorb impurities and liquids. It has excellent anti liquid performance and high mechanical strength, and high impact resistance. It can be washed in a dishwasher or used in microwaves and refrigerators.

Star Glass:Lead free crystal glass uses a unique “Star Glass” component, which ensures the purity of the raw materials and the clarity and brightness of the product. “Star Glass” does not change the color, aroma or taste of wine. Star Glass is molded using professional technology, ensuring the production of high-end and beautiful recyclable glass products.

As an important supporting supplier for the wine industry, Bormioli Rocco’s products have a crucial impact on the entire wine industry. High quality wine tube packaging not only protects the quality of wine, but also enhances brand image and increases product market competitiveness. Bormioli Rocco has provided more choices and possibilities for the wine industry by continuously innovating and improving product quality, driving the development and growth of the industry. With the continuous expansion of the wine market and the growing consumer demand, Bormioli Rocco will continue to play an important role in the field of wine tube manufacturing, leading the industry’s development trend while meeting customer needs.

4. Vetropack

Vetropack is a global glass container manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland, which also includes products such as wine bottles. The company was founded in 1901 and has production bases and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and South America, forming a global business network. Vetropack is renowned for its excellent glass manufacturing technology, high-quality products, and professional customer service, becoming an important participant in the global wine pipe market.

Vetropack has shown strong performance in the market, emphasizing sustainability. With innovative products, a responsible attitude towards safety, sincere teamwork, and rich professional knowledge, we have won awards internationally and can still maintain stable development in challenging market environments.

As a global glass container manufacturer, Vetropack strictly follows international standards and quality management systems in its production process, providing customers with high-quality and safe glass container solutions. At Vetropack, the company combines quartz sand, soda ash, lime, dolomite, and feldspar to create a machine sustainable glass packaging material that allows people to enjoy food and drinks in the most elegant, safe, and responsible way. By adopting a holistic service approach to assist customers in optimizing the value chain and ensuring consumer safety and trust, the company is committed to reducing carbon emissions and footprint, and optimizing the product lifecycle in various reasonable ways. The company’s business philosophy emphasizes the combination of professional knowledge, innovative spirit, and family community, striving to establish close and long-term relationships.


Tubes provides users with a variety of products and services, including single solution, (electronic) retail, travel, gifts, and more. The company’s products are suitable for various occasions and beverages, with characteristics such as high quality, commercial advertising with specified shelf life, and recyclable material production. In different fields, Tubes has unique advantages: convenient for users to taste and discuss, sufficient cost savings, maximum waste reduction, innovative food pairing concepts, etc.

By packaging alcoholic beverages into innovative 50ml and 100ml wine tubes, Tubes creates more tasting opportunities for users, encourages them to try more, and contributes to a more sustainable world.

Material: The main material of the wine tube is made of recyclable glass or recycled plastic, which is unbreakable and can be directly mailed; Glass wine tubes, on the other hand, are even more luxurious and can be used as unique gifts or high-end tasting tools.

Bottling: All wine bottles are bottled in the company’s own advanced bottling factory certified by IFS. All pipes are bottled according to strict standards and specifications, and a 100% inert atmosphere is used to ensure the high quality of the product is maintained.

Preservation: Once bottled, the produced wine tubes have a long shelf life for the products inside. Ensure the preservation of sensory quality. The recycled plastic can be stored for 6 months, while the shelf life of glass tubes is 24 months. The company’s wine tubes are small, thin, and lightweight, which can help customers save space and weight, thereby reducing transportation costs and reducing carbon emissions and footprint.

Customization: The produced wine tubes can be used to bottle various beverages. Customized tubes, screen printing, and content can be fully customized and designed by customers, and come with the chosen brand. Finally, select packaging that meets the target.

Since 2015, TUBES has been bottling wine and spirits by cup. The wine tubes produced are the perfect single service tool, ensuring an unparalleled tasting experience and encouraging users to constantly try new types of wine. TUBES strives to become the most reliable and value-added single service manufacturer in the industry, pursuing unlimited taste in the cup. The company focuses on product quality to ensure the quality and taste of beverages; Full of innovation and enthusiasm, integrating it into every pipe and service; Full of passion for wine and spirits, passionate about bringing innovation to the traditional world of wine and spirits, and mastering the technique of single serving wine.


TUBES Gifts is an international, multi sensory company dedicated to providing personalized tasting services for users and businesses. As an international gift packaging company focused on tasting experiences. Provide a variety of carefully planned wine, spirits, and other food packaging, all packaged in iconic “single serving” tubes. The story of TUBES Gifts begins with derivative products, always committed to ensuring standards of high quality, taste, and authenticity, making the company a respected brand in the wine and spirits industry.

Always choose to bottle the product yourself and ensure the high quality of the product to customers who trust the company. The vision of TUBES Gifts is to become a leading company that can customize tasting services for global companies. Dedicated to promoting a more elegant way of life through helplessness, idleness, and culture. Provide users with a unique experience, allowing them to enjoy taste buds in comfortable homes, offices, and anywhere.
At TUBES Gifts, the company is committed to providing everything it needs and is passionate about promoting gift boxes and bringing innovation and sustainable development to the retail field. It has become the preferred supplier for customized and personalized wine tasting to meet personal and brand needs, emphasizing breaking rules and habits, promoting diverse lifestyles, and bringing new fun and insights to customers.

The company breaks people’s habits and provides innovative and sustainable tasting experiences throughout the year through customized tasting activities, introducing customers to new and amazing flavors from around the world to broaden people’s horizons. Having its own patented technology, it preserves the original characteristics of the product through liquid inert gas, preserving the original and complete aroma, flavor characteristics, and taste of wine. It is bottled and distributed in elegant 50ml and 100ml glass tubes or recycled plastic tubes. For customized engraving, we offer transfer printing, screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving, and offset printing.

7. WIT France

WIT France is a company with 15 years of professional experience and knowledge in the field of wine and spirits bottling and packaging. The innovative approach has left a profound imprint in the industry. Having recognized quality, as a pioneer in the field of bottled wines and spirits of various sizes, we are always writing new history.

Sensory Control: Hire experts to ensure that each batch of packaged products meets high sensory quality standards.

Laboratory Analysis: Accurate analysis is conducted using a laboratory certified by COFRAC (French Certification Committee), which has been validated and ensures the consistency of sensory data.

High Quality Glass: Using high-quality glass as the product pipe to maintain the purity of taste and aroma.

Light and Temperature Protection: Prevent harmful effects of light throughout the entire production and bottling process, maintain the optimal suitable temperature, and ensure product stability

Quality Control: Strict quality control is carried out and recorded throughout every production stage of the entire product.

The unique professional knowledge cultivated by WIT France is perfectly reflected in the excellent quality of Boo Li products. Thanks to patented bottling technology, can guarantee an unaltered bottling. The company’s machines are also protected by patents and perform liquid transfer with unparalleled accuracy under the supervision of knowledgeable experts. In addition, a professional industrial team has control over the entire supply chain.


Bruni Glass is a private commercial brand under Berlin Packaging that provides special glass packaging for wine, spirits, video, and the free market. Bruni Glass was founded in Milan, Italy in 1974 and is active in the distribution of glass containers in over 100 countries/regions. It was acquired by Berlin Packaging in 2016. Headquartered in Italy, but with branches in France, Spain, the United States, Canada, and China.

The team has professional knowledge in glass packaging and over 40 years of work experience in all industries using glass packaging. We have a complete domestic supply chain, reliable product quality, a dedicated design team and a team dedicated to providing high-quality services, a world-class design studio, a high-quality manufacturer network, a diverse and loyal customer base, and financial stability. All products are certified by CISQ-IMQ (Italian Quality Mark Association) and comply with ISO 9001 standards.

Bruni Glass’s wine tube product line covers various shapes, sizes, and design styles, meeting the packaging needs of different types of wines and spirits. The company’s design team often collaborates with wine brands around the world, providing customized wine tube design solutions that combine traditional craftsmanship and modern elements to provide customers with more personalized and fashionable products. Emphasize technological and product innovation, continuously improve production processes and techniques, and provide customers with higher quality and more competitive wine management products.

As a glass container manufacturer with a long history and rich experience, Bruni Glass holds an important position and market share in the wine tube market; Renowned for its high-quality products, excellent design, and thoughtful customer service, Bruni Glass is highly favored by wine brands around the world. Its product quality and design style have won a good reputation and market position in the international market.


Stölzle Glass Group is a well-known glass container manufacturing group headquartered in Austria with a long history. Its mission is to provide safe, environmentally friendly, and food quality preserving packaging for the food and beverage market. The company’s culture is supported by mutual trust, with customer and employee satisfaction as the primary task, and pride in positivity, flexibility, and reliability. As a member of the Stoltzler Glass Group, with over 200 years of experience in glass manufacturing; We provide one-stop services such as development, production, and decoration, and have production bases in multiple countries around the world.

The product range of Stölzle Glass Group includes various high-quality glass containers, providing customers with high-quality primary packaging known as sustainable material glass. There are a wide range of high-quality glass products, including those used in pharmaceutical, high-end spirits and food industries, as well as perfume and cosmetics, covering wine bottles, wine glasses, wine tubes, etc., which are widely used in the packaging of wine, spirits, beer and other drinks. In addition, Stoelzle’s medical laboratory department also provides laboratory consumables and instruments, medical products, and laboratory glassware. The company is renowned for its advanced wine tube manufacturing process and continuous technological innovation.

Having advanced production equipment and processes, adopting the most advanced glass forming technology, ensuring that its products have excellent quality and process standards, and continuously innovating and developing technology on this basis, committed to improving product design and performance to meet the constantly changing needs and market trends of customers.

Stölzle Glass Group, also a leading glass container manufacturer in the global wine pipe market, holds a unique position. It has been widely praised for its excellent quality, elegant design, professional service and other advantages. In the future global wine market.


Vetri Speciali is a glass manufacturer headquartered in Italy, founded in 1986, specializing in the production of high-quality glass containers and providing packaging solutions for globally renowned brands. Since its inception, it has been committed to widely applying its products to wine, beer, spirit, perfume and other industries. The company is renowned for its innovative design concepts, exquisite production processes, and high-quality customer service.

▶ Material Selection: Vetri Speciali only uses high-quality raw materials to ensure that the glass containers produced have good physical and chemical properties.

▶ Melting Process: The melting process adopts advanced technology and equipment to ensure the uniformity and quality of glass containers.

 Processing Technology: The processing technology is very precise to achieve the final size and shape requirements of glass containers, ensuring that each glass container has a perfect appearance and quality.

▶ Quality Inspection: During the production process, Vetri Speciali conducts strict quality inspections on each glass container to ensure compliance with relevant standards and specifications. The company will also regularly maintain and upgrade production equipment and processes to ensure they are always in optimal condition.

Vetri Speciali holds an important position in the wine management market and actively participates in market competition. With high-quality products and professional services, we have won the trust and praise of many customers. In the future, Vetri Speciali is expected to further expand its market share in the field of wine tube manufacturing, and be more committed to improving product quality, promoting technological innovation, and closely cooperating with customers to achieve sustainable development and success.


In the global wine pipe manufacturing industry, various companies play important roles. From innovative packaging solutions to high-quality glass containers, every company is making its own contribution to the development and growth of the industry. These formula products not only meet the packaging needs of beverages such as wine and spirits, but also continuously improve the level and overall image of the entire industry through continuous technological innovation and professional services.

In the future, while facing opportunities, the wine management industry will also need to address a series of difficulties and challenges. Firstly, with the continuous expansion of the wine market and the increasing demand for personalized and innovative packaging from consumers, the wine management industry needs to continuously iterate its own products to adapt to the development of demand while benefiting continuously; Secondly, with the increasing environmental awareness of users, this has prompted wine tube manufacturers to adopt more environmentally friendly and easily recyclable materials and production processes to reduce negative impacts on the environment. In addition, changes in global supply chains and the impact of international trade policies will also have a significant impact on the wine management industry, and every company needs to be flexible in responding to market changes and uncertainties.


For individuals or enterprises engaged in or concerned about the wine management industry, they should maintain sensitivity to industry development trends and market changes, and adjust their market share in a timely manner to meet market demand. In the process of designing and manufacturing products, we continuously focus on quality and product innovation, actively cooperate with customers, deeply understand their needs, and provide customized and thoughtful solutions. At the same time, enhance environmental awareness, actively adopt sustainable production processes and materials, and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. The most important thing is to always maintain an open and inclusive attitude and a positive attitude, continuously learn and make progress, in order to cope with various opportunities and challenges that may arise in the future.

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