Exploring The Thread Classifications of Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures

continuous thread phenolic and urea closures
Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures are a type of threaded cap used to seal packaging containers. They are made of specific materials such as Phenolic and Urea, which have high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, and good sealing performance.

Features of Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures:

The raw material of the cap is a thermoplastic, which has excellent heat resistance, chemical stability, good mechanical properties, and impact resistance. They are widely used in multiple industries and can usually be used in high-temperature environments, such as food bottle caps: used for sealing bottled beverages and condiments; To ensure the purity and safety of drugs, such as the sealing of drug bottles. It is also commonly used for sealing cosmetics, personal care products, such as perfume bottles, shampoo bottles and other products; It is also seen in the packaging of household and industrial products, such as paint, coatings, cleaning agents, etc., to ensure product quality and prevent leakage of textile products.

These closures have not only been widely applied in different industries, but their thread design and material selection make them a key component in the packaging field.

In the packaging industry, thread design plays a crucial role in sealing and easy opening. Excellent thread design can perfectly match the size of the container mouth, effectively preventing the leakage of liquids and gases or protecting food and medicine from long-term preservation, and avoiding external pollution and influence. The design of the thread simplifies the opening and closing of the user, allowing them to easily loosen the lid.

Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures can be divided into plain round, fine ribbed, lustrseal, h-style, empress etc. In this blog post, we will mainly discuss the design of the first five threads.

Classifications of Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures

◆ Plain Round

Plain Round is a common cap thread design that provides a simple and effective seal for containers, while also having multiple advantages, making it a widely used choice.

1. Characteristics

Plain round is known for its thread free design and minimalist design, presenting a smooth circular structure that gives it a clear and modern appearance in packaging. Due to its simple design, the flat round cap has universal practicality and can be matched with different types of containers, such as glass bottles, glass jars, etc.

2. Advantages

    • Due to the simple design of the plain round, the production cost is relatively low, allowing manufacturers to produce a large number of sealing caps in a more economical way;
    • The simple flat circular shape of plain round makes it easier to produce and process; Its universal practicality is irreplaceable and can meet the needs of different industries and products.
    • This flexibility is one of the reasons why it has been widely used in the market; Although the design is simple, plain round caps can still be customized to the specific needs of manufacturers or customers.

3. Application

    • Plain round caps are commonly used in food and catering, such as bottled water, fruit juice, salad dressings, etc;
    • It can also be used in cosmetics and personal care products, such as perfume bottles, shampoo bottles, etc;
    • In the pharmaceutical industry, plain round caps are used for sealing drug bottles;
    • In the field of home nuclear industry, it can be used as cleaning agents, industrial coatings, etc.

◆ Fine Ribbed

Fine Ribbon design is highly favored in the high-end and boutique markets due to its unique appearance and outstanding functionality. Its advantage lies in providing excellent sealing performance, enhanced grip strength, and unique appearance for the product, making it the preferred choice for high-quality packaging in many industries.

1. Characteristics

The most prominent feature of a fine ribbed is its fine stripes along the thread axis direction. The texture is arranged vertically, presenting a linear pattern. These stripe designs are very detailed and evenly distributed on the surface of the threads. The presence of stripes increases the surface area of the entire thread. Improved sealing performance, provided users with additional gripping surfaces, increased friction, and made the cap easier to loosen and close.

fine ribbed

2. Advantages

    • The fine ribbed thread design provides an additional gripping surface, making it easier for users to loosen and close the cap, which is very helpful for some products in damp or inconvenient situations for users.
    • The stripe design of the fine ribbed is very exquisite, evenly distributed on the surface of the thread, which gives the fine ribbed thread a delicate appearance. The design of this threaded cap for adjusting the depth of temperature adjustment,  allowing manufacturers to customize according to their needs to meet the requirements of different products and brand design concepts.
    • The presence of stripes improves the sealing performance of the overall threaded cap, increases the surface contact area, and provides assurance for product sealing.

3. Application

    • Fine ribbed threads are commonly found in high-end food and beverage packaging, such as high-quality olive oil bottles. The excellent sealing performance and exquisite appearance it provides are the ideal packaging choices for these products during this period.
    • This regular thread design is also popular in cosmetics and perfume bottles. The thread of fine rib bed adds delicacy and elegance to these products.
    • Fine ribbed is more commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry compared to the first two industries, and is used for pharmaceutical bottle caps to ensure safe sealing during storage and transportation, providing users with a safe and convenient opening experience.
    • It is also widely used in personal care products. It is common to see this type of fine rib bed thread design, such as packaging for personal care products such as shampoo and bottled skincare products.
    • Fine Ribbed threads not only provide superior packaging solutions for food and cosmetics, but are also applied in the packaging of some premium home products, such as fragrance candle bottles, exquisite cleaning agent bottles, etc.

◆ Lustrseal

Lusterseal thread is also a common sealing cap design in the packaging industry. It is a high-performance threaded cap designed for specific requirements. Featuring a special glossy design, it is used to enhance the appearance texture.

1. Characteristics

Lustseal threaded caps are usually made of phenolic resin, which has excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance. They are suitable for packaging products that need to resist chemical erosion and high temperatures. Adopting a standard thread design, the continuous Lustseal thread design ensures that the cap can firmly screw onto the container opening, providing a reliable sealing effect for the product. Lustseal threaded caps usually have a “sealed in” feature, and the inner gasket is fixed inside the cap with glue during the manufacturing process to further enhance sealing and prevent content leakage.


2. Advantages

    • The thread design of Lustrseal provides additional stability for packaging, making it a reliable packaging solution. The design of the threaded cap uses glue to fix the inner gasket during the manufacturing process, forming an additional sealing layer. When the cap is screwed onto the container mouth, the thread is in a tight state to prevent external air, moisture, or other substances from penetrating, thereby improving the sealing performance of the product.
    • Lustrseal cap material has excellent high-temperature resistance characteristics, and this thread design is very suitable for products that need to be subjected to high-temperature treatment or storage. It can ensure that the product remains stable in high temperature environments.
    • Although it has a standard thread design, Lustseal threads can still be customized according to specific requirements, such as color, size, thread depth, and style, to meet the requirements of the product or brand.

3. Application

    • Lustseal threaded caps are commonly used in chemical packaging due to their unique chemical stability. Suitable for storing products that require high sealing and chemical resistance, such as chemicals, solvents, liquid materials, etc., to ensure the safe storage and transportation of chemical substances.
    • In the pharmaceutical industry, Lustseal threaded caps are commonly used to seal drug bottle openings, as well as for packaging reagent bottles and medical liquids, ensuring the quality and safety of drugs.
    • In the food industry, it can be used for packaging closed bottled water, sauces, seasonings, etc. to ensure food hygiene and freshness, and to prevent external substances from contaminating the interior.
    • Lustseal caps are widely used in cosmetics, personal care products, as well as household and department store products, such as shampoo bottles, skincare product containers, cleaning agents, laundry detergent bottles, etc.
    • In the agricultural field, it is also used to seal products such as pesticide bottles and fertilizer bottles.

◆ H-Style(Open Top)

H-style is an open top threaded cap design that is suitable for product packaging in multiple fields due to its simplicity, practicality, and strong usability. It is particularly suitable for scenarios that require frequent use, retrieval, or dumping of products.

1. Characteristics

H-style, also known as open top design, typically has the top center of the cap open rather than completely closed. This design makes the product easier to access. The open design facilitates the pouring and injection of liquids, powders, or granular substances, allowing users to easily remove or pour products from containers, improving the convenience of product use. The open design does not require additional tools and typically has simple opening and closing operations, providing a more convenient experience for user.


2. Advantages

    • The open top cap design is particularly suitable for packaging liquid products that require frequent dumping or strong fluidity, such as oils, sauces, etc. Due to the open top of the cap, the pouring and injection of the product becomes more convenient. This design improves the user experience, especially in daily usage scenarios, where users can easily use the product without spending too much time and effort.
    • The design of open top can reduce the risk of product leakage by designing anti drip structures, which is crucial for the packaging of liquid products, reducing waste and maintaining packaging cleanliness.
    • The opening design of h-style makes cleaning very simple. Users can easily rinse the cap with clean water to ensure there are no residual substances, suitable for applications with high hygiene requirements, such as food, medical and other industries.
    • For applications that require frequent opening and closing, such as seasoning bottles, shampoo bottles, etc., the open top design is very suitable for situations that require convenient access in a short period of time.

3. Application

    • Open top threaded caps are commonly used in the food industry, such as in the packaging of bottled soy sauce, oil, vinegar, and other products, to allow users to pour out or remove liquids from them.
    • In cosmetics and personal care, open top is often used to hold liquid beauty products, such as shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles, etc.
    • For products in the industrial industry that require frequent dumping, such as liquid cleaners, paints, etc., open top threaded caps are a common sealing choice.
    • In the medical industry, the design of open top is also very common, providing users with convenient access methods, such as the sealed packaging of certain drug bottles, making it easy to directly access drugs from the opening.

◆ Empress

Empress Phenolic Screw Cap with Liner is a common threaded cap design with many features and advantages, suitable for various application scenarios.

1. Characteristics

The empress phenolic screw cap is made of materials with strong high-temperature stability and chemical corrosion resistance, making it suitable for packaging products involving high temperatures or strong chemical properties. The commonly used continuous thread design ensures a strong sealing effect when screwing on the container opening, effectively preventing the penetration of external substances. The cap is equipped with an inner lining, usually made of rubber, wood, or other sealing materials, providing an additional sealing layer to prevent gas or liquid leakage.

empress phenolic screw cap with liner

2. Advantages

    • The choice of phenolic material and lining makes this threaded cap have good corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, suitable for packaging chemicals, drugs, and other materials that are prone to corrosion, as well as products that need to be subjected to high temperature treatment or storage.
    • The design of continuous threads and lining together ensures excellent sealing performance, effectively preventing liquid or gas leakage, and maintaining product quality and integrity.
    • Empress Phenolic Screw Cap with Liner can usually be customized according to customer needs, including color, size, and printing, to meet different brand or product requirements.
    • This threaded cap design provides a reliable packaging solution, especially for liquid or powder products that require long-term storage.

3. Application

Empress phenolic screw cap is an efficient and reliable packaging solution suitable for various products that require strict sealing and leak prevention.

    • In the field of chemicals, cosmetics and personal care, it can be used to pack medicine bottles, laboratory reagent bottles, perfume, shower gel and other medical products and personal care products in a sealed package to maintain the freshness and quality of products.
    • When packaging industrial products such as coatings, paints, solvents, etc., this phenolic threaded cap can provide reliable sealing and leak proof functions.
    • It is also suitable for packaging food products such as edible oil, vinegar, seasoning, and food additives to ensure the hygiene and safety of the products.

Overall, the classification of caps depends on their structure, material, special design, and application field. When choosing a cap, it is necessary to consider factors such as the nature of the product, packaging requirements, and user experience. The different characteristics and advantages of various cap designs make them suitable for various packaging scenarios.

Current Market Trends

  1. Environmental Protection and Sustainability:With continuous attention to sustainable packaging, the demand for recyclable materials in the market is increasing. Whether continuous thread phenolic and urea closures can meet environmental standards may affect market demand.
  2. Innovative Design: Consumers have higher expectations for the aesthetic and functionality of packaging. Therefore, there may be a high demand in the market for continuous thread phenolic and urea closures with innovative designs to meet the requirements of brand differentiation and consumer experience.
  3. Catering Safety: The catering industry has very high requirements for packaging safety. Therefore, the design of continuous thread phenolic and urea closures needs to meet the standards of product sealing and freshness to ensure product quality and safety.

Outlook for Future Development

Looking ahead to the future development of Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures thread design, we can explore a series of innovative and improvement directions to adapt to constantly changing market demands and sustainable development trends:

1. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
    • Biodegradable Materials: Explore the use of more biodegradable materials to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

    • Circular Economy Design: Develop a closed-loop system that can be recycled and reused, to promote the production and use of caps to better meet sustainable development standards.

2. Improving Sealing Performance
    • Efficient Sealing Design: Further optimize continuous thread design, improve sealing performance, and ensure the safety of products during transportation and storage.
    • Anti Drip and Anti Leak: Strengthening the anti drip function, suitable for liquid products, improving packaging reliability.
3. Customization and Personalization
    • Diversified Design: Provides a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to meet the personalized needs of different brands and products.
    • Brand Identity: Incorporating design elements that embody brand identity to make continuous thread phenolic and urea closures more recognizable in the market.
4. Multifunctional Design
    • Integrated Opening and Sealing: Design more integrated opening and sealing mechanisms to improve user friendliness and convenience.
    • Multipurpose Application: Using different product types to expand the application scope in different industries.
5. Compliance and Standards
    • Compliance with International Standards: Ensure that the design complies with international packaging standards and regulations to ensure the global market applicability of the product.
    • Hygiene Design: Optimizing the cap design makes continuous thread phenolic and urea closures easier to clean and complies with international hygiene standards.
    • Environmental Certification: Pursuing better environmental certification that goes beyond standards, in order to improve the market competitiveness of products.

The Significance of Thread Design

The thread design of continuous thread phenolic and urea closures is an important component of packaging design. It has a significant impact on the safety, sealing, user experience, and brand image of packaging.

  1. The threaded design provides convenience for users to open and close the cap, improving the user’s operating experience. The threaded structures of different designs enable the cap to be easily loosened, making the product easier to use, especially in daily application scenarios.
  2. The design of threads becomes a part of packaging and has a direct impact on the appearance and brand image of the product. Innovative thread design can increase the uniqueness of products, enhance brand recognition and market competitiveness.
  3. Designing a reasonable thread structure can effectively improve production efficiency, making the production and inspection processes of caps smoother; Similarly, excellent thread design helps to control manufacturing costs and make packaging more economical.
caps and closures
caps and closures

Overall, the threads of Continuous Thread Phenolic and Urea Closures are not only a sealing function in the packaging industry, but also a key design element that affects product packaging quality, user experience, and market competitiveness. Innovative design and key design factors will continue to drive the development of this field.

last updated: 1/29/2024
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