Highlights from the Latest Wine Expo and Trade Fair

The wine world has always been synonymous with taste and sophistication, and every year’s wine exhibition has become a shining spot in the industry, attracting wineries, winemakers, and wine enthusiasts from all over the world. The latest wine exhibition in 2024 once again takes us on this wonderful wine journey, exploring the latest varieties, technological innovations, and unique experiences.

Recently, there have been three authoritative exhibitions on wine:

DTC Wine Symposium

17 & 18 January  Concord, California, U.S.A.



This exhibition is hosted by Free the Grapes! Hosted, it is a top direct sales and marketing conference in the US wine industry, as well as a fundraising event. This year, it marks the 17th edition. The event will be held from January 17th to 18th, 2024, and will include keynote speeches by industry leaders both inside and outside the industry, practical seminars, city hall style discussions, and trade exhibitions showcasing top suppliers in the industry.

The keynote speakers include well-known figures from different fields, as well as industry leaders in seminars and sponsor conversations. There are many sponsors this year, including well-known institutions such as FedEx and Wine Institute. Free the Grapes! Collaborate with industries and five industry associations to simplify transportation regulations and increase the number of legal transportation states. The alliance promotes favorable changes in wine transportation regulations through state specific advocacy activities and media collaborations. Detailed information can be obtained on its website.

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

24 & 25 January  Sacramento, California, U.S.A.



Unified Wine&Grape Symposium is a grand event that will take place from January 23rd to 25th of this year. With over 850 10 foot x 10 foot booths and 24 large vineyard and winery machinery areas. The expo covers a wide range of products related to the wine and grape industry, including representatives of international participants at conferences and exhibitions.
The exhibition includes numerous sponsors such as Temecula Wines, Yokayo Wine Company, BMO, etc. It also includes many guest speakers. More detailed schedules and information can be obtained on the official website.


10, 11, & 12 March  Dusseldorf, Germany



ProWein is the only international trade fair for wine and spirits that deeply covers the entire world market and has been successfully held for 30 years. The exhibition has attracted international exhibitors and visitors, focusing on the latest trends in the wine and spirits industry, as well as new product highlights for consumers. Through a controlled entry system, ProWein ensures that only professionals are present, creating a professional atmosphere through master classes, tasting, and extensive commercial transactions. This year, there are still many partners joining, such as Wines of Hungary, ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines, ITA Trade Agency, etc. From special exhibitions and seminars to innovation and inspiration, ProWein has perfectly organized everything. The number of exhibitors and products participating in the exhibition continues to increase.  As an ideal platform, ProWein provides professionals with the opportunity to establish business networks and discover product innovations. For brands, manufacturers, wine traders, and importers, ProWen is an impeccable trade show that provides a highly internationalized display platform. Details can be obtained on the official website.

last updated: 1/12/2024
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